Introduction has partnered with Digital Spoke, a highly professional web design firm based in Cambridge, to help local businesses secure a strong foothold on the Web.

If you're thinking about starting a website for your company, or you think your existing site could do with a face-lift or a more in-depth rebuild, have a chat to Digital Spoke. Don't forget to mention that sent you - they'll take great care of you!

The Digital Spoke Approach

We believe your website is a vital representation of you or your company. We believe in quality, usability and accessibility and this means the sites we make look great, are easy to use and can be used by everyone, regardless of ability or browsing medium.

Cambridge-based Digital Spoke is one of just a handful of web design companies who design and develop bespoke websites and content management systems with strict compliance to web standards. Web standards ensure forward-compatible design and a host of other advantages.

This is why web standards are great:
  • Your site is easier to manage
  • Your site will appear higher in search engines
  • Your site will reach more and be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability
  • Your site will load quicker than a comparable page done using 'old design'
  • Your site will be easier and cheaper to redesign when the time comes
  • Your site can be easily optimised for numerous outputs: text only, printed page, mobile editions etc.

It's these ingredients that led one of our websites to be shortlisted for the New Statesman's New Media Awards 2005

We also have a strong ethical dedication to arts, education and the local community, which extends to our clients by involving them with every aspect of the design process; informing rather than telling.

Our clients tell us our websites have turned their business around. So if you want a website that will stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, visit Digital Spoke.

Your Next Step...

Head over to the Digital Spoke website for more information about the company and the services it offers. Once you've had a chance to read up about them, get in touch with Digital Spoke to discuss your specific requirements.